A list ::: …a glossary

A list ::: …a glossary

Age segregation is unnecessary and wrong….

School is the opposite of education.

Fitting in to the capitalist system is the opposite of living well.

Compromising with our discomfort, accepting it, is unnecessary – except for survival in this system, which we learn is intolerable, bad, wrong.

People hate school.

YES we want our work to provide us constantly, securely our needs and pleasures; public services, we call them. We’re taxed for them. However, while the school building, the teachers’ and clerks’ and janitors’ and all’s pay is purchased through our taxes, it is not education. It’s regulation, as are our jobs, and the rest of the structure of our lives. Education, though, is our lives. That’s altogether limited by our ability to pay for that privilege, that comfort, that ability to engage in depth with each other. We are forced to believe that age is the delimiter – of ability, of skill, of thinking. But it’s not. We have NO IDEA what people can do at different ages. People forced into classroom study are limited from stretching out as fully as possible for themselves.

Children are not kids… – kick-up-their-heels, happy-go-lucky, devil-may-care childhood. We’re told ‘that’s the best time of your life, kids, you silly little goats’. Children – a gentle word for a more innocent time…, a cradling word, as it should be…

School is to fit us in to the job that’ll keep The Rich going, the Ruling Class, the few people who send imperialism’s armies to conquer everywhere, to maintain THeir position.

Degrees are not necessary in order to get along. Many people have done VERY well without them.

1863 freed us all – not equally, but all – into an enslavement here on our Owners’ plantation. Black people are the most denied, by the numbers – schooling, income, security, health, social/political/economic position.

Our Owners tell us ‘the economy’, ‘politics’, ‘society’. But we live a wholly trinity, not separated: all, political/social/economic… is the one factor of our lives. Bread – whether you have it or not, is all threeONE; socialpoliticaleconomic.

Testing belongs in the fields together – on the jobs, at the sites of our living, in the kitchen, the living room, where we’re writing, changing the baby, playing the violin, catching and throwing the ball. Testing as it’s institutionally done is abusive. It hurts us all. We test all the time: to reach satisfaction, to try for improvement, to show accomplishment of a goal. All these – comparable to, did I do the dishes – or laundry – or reading the story satisfactorily – are just natural behavior. People are inclined toward good work or play. We naturally want to evaluate our acts and find them sufficient or wanting further development. We don’t need classroom assessment in anything like the present configuration, tests. Judgment is the wrong relationship for us – judgment through external testing.

The classroom needs to arise, not to be established peripherally to daily living. The classroom can appropriately be an adjunct to all our living.

We are all teachers and students all our lives.

School arranges the strata how which people will serve the system. It is not from whence come The Rich, the owning class. Their origin is like the aristocracies of old, from birth, from militaristic, murderous domination, inculcated into our laws.

Warring is for the benefit of The Rich, not our benefit, regardless all the advertising to the contrary.

Our wars of liberation are the opposite of the Owners’ wars.

School, like capitalism, works.

Letting us work for reform of schools leaves our Owners laughing uproariously. They know school is fine. It’s we who don’t, and who keep replicating it anyway.

Zombie politics – those that didn’t work, can’t work, are employed over and over again, raised from the dead to confound and placate us/ourselves once more. See school reform.

Families of students who use the system to good advantage are inclined to accept the school system – protecting ‘their’ territory. http://www.contracostatimes.com/ci_21452878/patrick-mattimore-disheartening-education-numbers-once-again-ignored. People make the best of things, whether bad or good circumstances.

Truancy is the explanation that school is bad and that some people have a sense that’s so.

So much work in capitalism is leaching off others’ work: insurance, real estate – rent, sale; sales of what should be held in common: parks, books, vacationing, communications, energy supply, health care … and all.

All work is equally necessary – all work in a just society. Changing the light bulbs in the street lamps is as essential as doctoring. Actually, the doctor can do both. No need to segregate work – to stratify it.

We need to change our street layouts so they work for comfortable use, not just for getting to shopping and jobs and our errands and maintenance. Our infants need to be able to walk about to a friendly place and stay for some time, to be other people’s child, too.

School serves elitism, separation. It pretends it protects our children. It pretends it provides skill that cannot be gained through living together. It co-opts our behaviors, commodifies them into 3rd grade, 12th grade, history, science, gym, reading; each being sold to us by the system of purveyance, the school, the classroom, the teacher, the aids – and the hugely unfortunate parents, forced to enforce these wholly detested formations onto our children! Do your homework!!! that drudgery from the classroom brought home to taint the few hours together, to rend the loving relations, to cause the upset that gets relieved by being able to send the child, poor set-upon creature, back to school

School warehouses a stratum of people for whom there is no work – no jobs, so they are early curbed into that periphery, away from ‘work’. This is perceived as the norm.

People need to be able to put their hands in the dirt. It feels good to care – for plants, for people – old or young or otherwise physically limited, for an ill person, for our food, for flowers, for each other. We draw away, instead, when we are not permitted to care.

Farming cannot be a 24/7 job. Many people can do it , like any work, together. Labor intensive is the way to work and enjoy it, and do it more easily – two lifting instead of just one. No one working for longer than they feel like it, at this or ANY job. There’s no need! There’re PLENty of us to do the work.

Everybody’s a genius, given the time and the healthy, secure environment. Genius is not a genetic factor. It’s a FUNction of our society – suppressed! by school.

The requirement of excellence has surpassed pleasant living. There are millions of Isaac Sterns, and star baseball players, and great theater actors, and teachers of so much information, so many ideas, and people who make a grocery store, and relate with people who need care – children, limitedly able people, and research in some lab or field, so many outstanding singers and banjo players and gardeners – top notch best ones all of them. There’s not just one who’s best, or 10.

Strive, compete, get ahead; those are not comfortable objectives.

School requires roboticization – that it takes us time to get over – if we’re lucky. It depends on stratification, on objectives of elitism, on acceptance that some of us are better than others overall or in a particular way.

School has adopted remediation as its way to retain preeminence, or at least, funding. But we don’t need to be fixed. We’re fine. The system is what’s wrong. School is such a convention we can hardly see beyond it. When we’re offered a choice we say ?private school?, home school? charter school? – instead of no school, which is what we need.

Capitalism requires reducing labor costs which requires cutting benefits, working conditions, and wages. If working conditions were equitable we’d be controlling it – we workers, and it’d be socialism communism.

Teaching in order to build substantial, gratifying revolutionary struggle is a good use of more or less compulsory education, of classroom use.

Yes, pleasant things go on at school. But the structure remains repressive.

Educe, the root of the idea, of the word ‘education’. But to educe means that who comes has content, is worthy of respect, doesn’t need the repair that school proffers that we, parents and students are forced to accept. It offers to repair all aspects of a person and to prepare them to fit in to the glorified but inglorious imperium, the brutal warring, conquering, oppressing system we know.



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