A thought about testing

– and being angry about how we’re received by our Owners’ systems.

I ask that we all know – that we all consider – that we all always ‘creatively think’, maybe even do in the womb. But this system in which we live has decided it’s supposed nevertheless, to teach! creative thinking. Just as they do about taking over our stuff to make profit off of it – off our labor including our ideas – …, THEY’ve taken over our minds so many ways; now They’re telling us They have to teach us how to ‘creatively think’. If we break loose of any of Their controls, win a struggle, They connive another way to bring us down, to require us to submit to one after another of Their rules. Now it’s another part of the commoditization of thinking. THEY’ve named their theft creative thinking. They even make people who will be called teachers take a class in how to teach creative thinking, nullifying one after another person’s thinking until it gets the stamp of approval, marches in line to get the ‘credit’; they have to pay! to ‘learn’ how to teach creative thinking.

ANY person certified to ‘teach’ considers themselves to creatively think and to be educing their students’ creative thinking, regardless that the lessons suppress it, that being school’s nature, it’s role.

When I went to teach I labored under the carefully construed impression teachers were seen as – well – worthy of respect. To a degree we were, before capitalism further advanced its work-degradation efforts here, in teaching. This course of late, forcing teachers to submit to this outrageously insulting study continues the lessening of their status. The fact is, we’ve all been ‘creative-thinking’ from the time of our first squall outside our mothers!

But this is denied, another feature of capture of what we do, having the effect to control us.

Degradation of teaching

The usually male job became women’s. Women became the usual purveyor of our Owners’ manner of behaving including thinking/knowing, necessary in order to get one of our Owners’ jobs.

Degraded workers cost less. Teaching was told to us to be a profession, stations above the drudgery of assembly line work, even better than a white-collar job, secretary, for instance. We would know.

The distinction was obvious.

Like church! Church constantly denies our sufficiency… in order to take us over; in order to have us bow before the great being/s before us, the receiver and deliverer of the word of whatever god, whom we’re supposed to believe, to know, telling us over and over that we DON’T know – until we’ve been put through THEIR teaching machine. (With church, we’re never alright; if we were, the ministers wouldn’t have a job – to fix us.)

Creative thinking is bad for church.

Actually, it’s equally, similarly bad for school as well – is why it’s taken over by school.

We’re made to submit to feeling we can’t creatively think unless our Owners’ repressive institutions tell us how to, force annoying classes on us showing us the way to.

…which is why so many students resort to ‘truancy’ at about 7th grade; drop out eventually, particularly during or after freshman high school, sensing they’re going to continue to be disrespected; that the status they thought they might achieve later is never coming, at least not here, in school; just as that the redemption we figured we might achieve in the church too, is never to be achieved. So might as well get out, instead of endure continuing slaps across our minds.

Teaching us to creatively think instills among the society the denial that humans, us, ’ve been creatively thinking – all our lives!. Adding yet another co-opted bunch of ideas into what needs to be taught us for months and years is done in case we’d been getting a rebellious clue that squeezing us yet again into an ill fitting process, is not acceptable to us. Insisting we need to be taught creative thinking is redundant, requires irrelevant sitting-in-class. It requires us excepting ourselves from the years of creative thinking we’ve already been doing, of sparks of genius ignored, as they work on us to fit us in, retaining the validity of church and school.

Those are not allowed to get challenged.

When we drop ourselves out, either just in mind in class, or by committing the crime of truancy, we blame ourselves as having failed – the fundamental human in capitalism – blaming ourselves for failures, unaware the foundation for success is daily pulled out from under us. Being unaware is a compound function; it’s lack of communal affirmation of our sense of what’s going on; we might think those ideas, but there’s no place to go to say them, no place to talk with other people who think so too. Even the truants on the corner, having already been classified as misfits, can’t say that it’s school that causes the problem, because ingrained in their understanding is that it’s themselves that cause the problem.

I know there’re other approaches now, approaches which we’re required to think are more respectful of each of us. But they’re not. The teacher might indeed evidence more sensitivity than the teachers I had – and was required to be when I was teaching. But all, student, teacher, staff, are confined within the walls that require us to come out at some time fit to serve our Owners, having been granted one or another paper – degree, or affirmation, diploma, some pronouncement of our readiness, some representation of each of us having been run through THEIR preparation factory, and turned us out as ready as we’re going to be, to do whatever service we fit into, to maintain and advance what is in fact a horribly brutal arrangement. It is after all, the way our Owners rape the world, using the laws they buy in those hallowed legislature halls, whose corruption is daily fodder for news broadcasts, to keep us entertained, to keep us convinced, whether we are or not, that the 4th estate is keeping our rulership honest, which in fact is the LAST thing it’s allowed to do, if it’s trying to illuminate government’s actions at all.

Having the media report the horrors as though those are valid reports, and then as though they are remediable is a great deception, necessary to keep us contained. People go to schools to get degreed to teach, with good intentions, most of them. Those are quickly plunged down the drain, never to survive their drowning. Instead service to our Owners becomes the way to make a living. And who are the greatest enforcers of these perverted attempts to contribute well in the world?, but the journalists – or teachers, or engineers, or street cleaners, or any workers who DO need to keep their jobs, in order to pay all the expenses necessary – rent for lodging, for transportation, for food, for upkeep of loved ones from whom parents and children are rapidly alienated under the duress of insufficient provision by employers, adequately to maintain these unfortunates.

I often advise people to hate – hate a lot. It’s wholly absurd not to. Look what we’re denied! Look at The Rich! THEY are able to be well kept by our work. Why aren’t we?! We know there’s not scarcity, in spite of the insistence that that’s why; we see our Rich’s coffers and mansions overflowing with more than they can ever even touch, let alone use, consume. Yes we must hate the structure which enables THem to crush us at every turn, repeating kings’/dynasties’ ways. But school has us accepting these structures, the foundational structure that permits THem to repeat the age old monarchic pattern – under new names, of course; lately calling it democracy to which our dear children are forced to pledge allegiance, daily.

In the religious institutions aberrations of geography, and math, and gym, and science and ‘literature’ foist children’s allegiance and confusion toward that sky-zephyr to subdue the innocents, wrenched from our arms so we parents can learn to distance ourselves from them, to go off in service to our Owners’ profit, and to our bare survival.

Those tests – There should NEVER be tests like those done by school. Testing has to be a person at a task they’ve found needs to be done, or they’ve been asked to do, that they want to do and agreed to do. The person addresses the task and at times during that process evaluates whether or not he/she is doing it as necessary, asking others who can help about it, eagerly accepting people’s considerate! comments about their process: – oh, not that way; this way, – don’t you think?. Oh I’ve had success this way. Oh I’ve failed doing it that way. And so on.

The test needs to be together, in process, and afterward, and long afterward, depending on the task. No failure. No failure!. No finding by the minister that the s/he must admonish the person for failure, and direct and redirect them, and explain that that’s why their salary must be low – until they be judged sufficiently expert!; until they get the necessary paper, degree, diploma. We must hate this process, and love the educe-ational one, the one that we loved, that loved us from the outset; that is conducted with no fear of failure, no fear of not being able to feed oneself sufficiently, pleasantly, securely – permanently – unto one’s children’s children – doing that ‘job’ and afterward.

Those judgments – school tests – are not tools to use, but to abuse, those oral and written exams. They’re strategies of conflict, where the superior wins; the inferior suffers – pretty much their whole life.

Consider the origins of criminal behavior to arise from these relationships. Assessments that include one or another brutality produce the crime in the streets –

…or in the closets of sexual perversity – rape in all its forms. Those don’t just appear by magic. People are not born criminal, nor are they born sexually perverted. This system produces them. …supplying the material for brutal care, prisoners. And afterward, ex-convicts. Ah, release; a status lower than janitor….

Consider the opposite. If everyone succeeded daily, what would be the condition of our living? How could we accommodate everyone being comfortable with themselves…? whew – what a chore! in the capitalist world…. an unworkable chore – except to maintain it – which capitalism’s institutions do very well.

Test, fail, send for correction, for re-form – and the test is the wrong implement to begin with. …because the system stole our creative thinking from us sooner or later down the line….



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