Age segregation

As you know, if you tell an idea over and over, …after a while it becomes accepted, regardless its veracity.

Who’s a scholar

Creating people who need to be educated

School reform – not

Creating things people need to buy

…no study’s ever been done, no experiment, to show that any of this age segregation is the right or better way to do living.

The ‘scholars’ (I mark it because we’re all scholars regardless how we pursue that tendency – or are inhibited from pursuing it by surrounding limitations. Most people don’t get the chance to pursue their scholarly intentions) The scholars write saying, ‘a 3 year old does this, a 7 year old that, a 30 year old this and that, and so on. They make it up, do research to support their examination, regard the variances from their original idea, if such there are, and publish, and become highly respected – or, even more highly respected. Whether in fact the hypothesis they’ve just shown by reporting evidence to back up their idea, the idea that increases their stature on the job, is the only way to consider the circumstance gets lost in the process of proving the point.

Then, guided by this actually feigned – not so much intentionally – body of commentary the authors compile – this that passes as substance becomes de rigueur. Equipped with these variously contrived theses that fit the long accepted contrivances of how to live in the capitalist-ically made world, in itself a brutal, limiting construct, these become the standard, the way things are done. The derivatives of these analyses become for purposes of teaching – for teaching business techniques(tactics), or how to read and write, or reading, literature, scientific research – they become the guides for constructing these studies; for constructing work-jobs, schools, thinking; these ideas are institutionalized. As these conclusions appear with frequency, regularly, and are headlined and implemented, they are called reform, school reform, meaning improvement, advancement, change. These institutions, the ideas, the course outlines, the buildings, the campuses, all perpetuate the age segregation with which we live. And they are no different from what has gone before.

They certainly are not reform in the sense the community is required to infer they are; they’re not structurally different from preceding forms. And their content while told to us as different, isn’t. The reforms don’t (can’t) repair the failures that school embodies – by its nature.

Scholars must find the situations of people living age integrated 500, 200, even 100 years ago, … with arms thrown up in amazement! at this quality of life, lacking; sufficient, but lacking, ‘needing’ development. My mother told me when I was growing into female form that I was ‘developing’, an acceptable – though worrying concern. It took me decades to translate that status, developing, into imperialist imposition for profit, developing housing and stores – meaning what had been shops, and infrastructure systems – transportation, schools, hospitals and offices, into where we’d played baseball in empty lots. These people, described as ‘living on pennies a day’ (imperialism’s money), evaluated relative to the assessments the authors want to make, want us all to make, are shown to be illiterate, to have no written language – a rather rich spoken tongue, suitable to their survival living and their storey telling and their song composing, but none written; they don’t have Fieldcrest sheets on their bed – maybe, or towels in their toilet rooms.

So their social set-up that they’ve been living for centuries is summarily in need of development, we’re told.

Roads get paved, docks and airports built so imperialism’s transports can carry the extracts out, the murderous devices including laborers – overseers – who will control the local labor, suppress union organizing when the people begin to rise against this oppression – carry imperialism’s devices in. Shoes become a necessity. …walking barefoot on the aggregate and tar or asphalt is not like walking their ancient dirt paths.

Labor becomes virtually indentured to the jobs touted as good for them, moving the extracts – minerals, or forests – to these Owners’ warehouses. …and the rest, the familiar gathering of yet another tribe of people into the imperial embrace.

There is no room on these plantations to continue inclusion of all the members of the original community in the daily functioning. The children must be brought into this ‘new’ configuration – done by requiring them to ‘pass’ through school, school being the sharing of the Owners’ conditioning content, so the children – and their families – will become familiar with the Owners’ processes.

Age segregation becomes the basis of the reconfiguration of the society.

These have happened and are happening to the last age integrated societies. Agri-farming – agri-production of blouses and houses and turnips and care for babies and for physically/mentally limited people must be done by reclassifications of who’s appropriate to do what is now reclassified as work; even made into jobs – although housewife-ing…househusband-ing never is…can’t have too much formalization of the worker status. If wife-ing were a job, it’d have to be included in the lexicon of work that gets paid, however poorly, bringing endlessly innumerable more people into the work force, cutting profits. Placing housecare into the same status as a job would ruin everything; almost EVERYone then could clearly be seen as a worker, pointing even more strongly to our need for us to organize… to resist ….

The children, forcefully extracted from the family into child-care and Kindergarten, and their adults, experience that alienation with which we are all too familiar; the one where children are thrilled to be released from school at the end of the day and at the end of the school year, and their adults are thrilled to have them return the next morning or in August or September. The distance between these two groups is everywhere evident in capitalist society – as though it’s natural for parents and children to be kind of enemies of each other. The separation is good, though, for selling stuff to the children. All the children need – endless pencils and book packs and fashions – not. At least they didn’t when stuff was not how our Owners got our labor and our money.

I just watched a ‘children’s’ tv show, one of those blaringly painful productions that parents and children and ‘teachers’ are required to like, to let themselves get conditioned to like, much as the earliest responses to these shallow screechings must have irritated people, I’d guess – . Inartistic in sound and vision quality, and in language as they are.

People went fishing. They learned huge amounts of ‘science’ including numerous communications skills – reading, writing, speaking, thinking, drawing, teaching – the children as well as the older people teaching – themselves and each other. All asked and looked for answers to questions; – research, you know.

Except for the squeaky speaking, the interchanges were intelligent, not dumbed down. …reminding us that living is education – that which is stolen from us when we’re young, and when we’re parenting, bogged down with poor ratios of older persons to care for children, that we go about stealing back for years, at great pains, because retrieving ourselves from the severe alienation capitalism requires in order for us to think we’re living ok, that school was good, that we’re doing better than most of the world, and that we must – a deathly submission – serve our country! soldier-ing, …that this half of life is done with great recrimination and melancholy – for all that we’ve missed in life…

Living age-segregated and under the 40hour week compulsion imposes requirements that leave us wanting late into life, instead of enjoying life. We miss our children, they their parents and siblings and neighbors, and our lovers, – in the bloom of those times.


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