Child labor and age segregation

and work
and us to enjoy the fruits of our labors
and repression
and what about criminals

“We consider the tendency of modern industry to make children and juvenile persons of both sexes co-operate in the great work of social production, as a progressive, sound and legitimate tendency, although under capital it was distorted into an abomination. In a rational state of society every child whatever, from the age of 9 years, ought to become a productive labourer in the same way that no able-bodied adult person ought to be exempted from the general law of nature, viz.: to work in order to be able to eat, and work not only with the brain but with the hands too.”

Marx goes on to try to formulate appropriate conditions on their ‘employment’. Comrades, this is a basic tenet of what’s wrong with school – and with ‘the job’, as well. There’s no need to confine people in order for us to teach and learn. Just as there’s no need to confine us at a desk or a worktable or at the bridge we’re building or at the farming site. Allowed to act for ourselves amid each other, to participate, people naturally want to make and fix and care and all the necessary activities by which we maintain ourselves, us all; by which we give us all enjoyment.

Yes, that has not been evident in history. …maybe it has in archeology…

We need to know: people will work where the need rises, including the need to form recreational options. Thereby, people will enjoy their participation; there will be no necessity to do other than observe, announce the need; or more likely, for people working in the vicinity of the job, to go ahead and do it. Someone… people will come across the need to do a job, and do it, and perhaps ask for assistance. People of any age, people who are quite young as well, the same – will see that a job needs doing and do it. Anyone will ask how to do it; someone will teach how. Someone will ask what the instructions say and someone will teach what. Someone will have to leave a note about a part of the process; someone will help the note to get written.

These are where reading and writing get written and read – and not with those dumb-down children’s books. It’s not necessary to use animal or human take-offs in place of people to talk about us all to children -especially to use hugely uglified, deformed figures of animals and people – and trees and lilies.

It might become that the work has the role recreation has – nice, relaxing, satisfying, sufficiently timed that it doesn’t stand in the way of our gathering, or reflecting or preparing dinner or washing our clothes or caring for the infant or otherwise limited person.

Assistance can be hammering nails or engineering designs to build whatever; or talking with a community which would be effected by the work.

Children like people at the job know, or sense, that they are not treated properly. Older people – teenagers, maybe, adults pretty much, go to work, hate it, get paid. …get paid. Children – if they’re allowed to become aware – also hate their confinement – at school – where they are warehoused – you’ve heard it, school warehouses the unemployed. If children were treated like people instead of like a deformed membership in society, they’d know they’re relegated to school not because that’s the natural place for them.

Children know, as have done women, they’re being marginalized instead of respected. It’s taken …it’s taking a long time to get over that idea about women. We used to talk about the pedestal we were placed on, as we did the laundry, and bore the children, and cooked the meals.

Cooked the meals – that’s a whole other topic.

In Cuba they had – maybe still have – communal kitchens, where people cooked food – available at the usual very low price; decent meals, not McDonald’s type, not the sickeningFattening fast-food poisoning, to which only an expensive restaurant meal or a home-cooked one, is an alternative.

What work is good to do is communal cooking.

There’s much work like this – cleaning, maintenance, care – for people who need care including babies and two year olds, and all of us here and there, now and then.

…just as there are bridges and roads that need care, and so much care work in our lives – the kind of work that we do on Saturday, because we spent 40 hours plus transportation, plus picking up the cleaning and the child, and groceries, plus preparing the evening food, plus cleaning up after the day – all week – only 5 days and we’re ‘thankful’ for that!, if we get that.

Work is not thought to be pleasant – but it should be. And it could be. There are enough of us to lighten the loads – especially if we own our labor; if there’s no issue of profit or pay connected with it, if people of all ages and mental and physical conditions to the degree they are able, are part of the work force. …if all of us are fully provided all we want by our labor, together.

Forget the call ‘from each-to each’. There’s no need to measure our output in order to get measured input, – entertainment, nourishment, relaxation… and all. We just DO what needs doing, what we want to do, what we become able to do by educating – our lives as education – our living, working, enjoying our being with each other – labor intensive is good; no master driver. We know what to do. We know how to arrange what to do. All of us to benefit – all of us to have the fruits of our labors; all maintenance, all comforts, all pleasures, all material of our lives that we today look at and envy, to become all of ours as we live.

So two year olds and ninety year olds can be at the job with us, just as they be at home or the park or the movie with each of us, and making the movie with us all. …or in the laboratory or traveling, and all…

In each and any of these environments ideas arise that generate the call for study, for teaching. So a classroom rises. It has no attendance requirements. It has no tests as we know tests today. It just goes into the material that caused its existence. What a joy. We all love to learn, which includes teaching. Education is how we live. Like work, it’s our humanity. We actually love these. We improve them – given a chance.

Children demand equality the same as any of our other alienated sections of people. …oops… no they don’t… they’re so repressed they don’t even – except for a few here and there. Children might have thought of their low status and that that needs addressing, needs demands for equality. But being there’s no general recognition, no organizing about it, and much palliative language guaranteeing that this is how it should be, that children are different in regards to their capabilities, so they are in the place – position – where they belong, separated by age from each other, and from all of us.

That’s unfortunate for us. We miss them – the children…

You recognize how that describes the commonly used standard repression of groups of people.

It’s possible that children’s liberation is the last one that needs to be worked on –

They all still need to be worked on. All the groups that have now shouted against their repression are still, by the numbers, in lesser positions than the group, the groups at the top social status.

As well, large bodies of people think they don’t deserve the good life. They think the people who own us deserve THeir privilege, and they themselves – we – don’t.

Our greatest job is to affirm with people that we all deserve every lovely thing we can imagine. Replace the self-oppression.

It’s not that hard to think differently.

For most people it can rise just by someone saying these to them!

Of course, our other huge effort is to create the structure where aware people can gather and from which, move toward building that pleasant life.

As Frank said to me yesterday, we will need to retain the State as we struggle; to retain the police, the incarceration sites, – and the other punitive structures that have grown out of the brutal perverted structure that’s been forced upon us.

We resist those, but ending them will have to be co-incident with correcting society, which will eradicate criminal behaviors. Of course, in order to further social change our incarceration structures have to be kind and useful to the person. The degree of their personal damage – the damage to them that has caused their socially unacceptable action/s – has to define their period of removal from general society. Coming from the present world, there are people who are irremediable, who must be contained forever, kindly, comfortably. And then there are people who can become pleasant participants, their rehabilitation being relative to their circumstance, and perhaps, to their physical and mental condition.

Almost all criminal acts are done as a result of this criminal society, and not because a person is genetically criminal. The ‘cure’ most likely is guaranteed comfortable participation in society. This will take a long time because the present arrangement does not allow good participation for everyone.

We are frustrated at many turns. Our work is first to raise consciousness. Let people’s suppressed sense of injustice rise and enable some unifying, so the fury can have a place to begin. …and go from there.

This is enormously difficult. We know all the barriers to ‘spreading the word’, to having physical contact with enough people so to move our objectives. … Building unity is our only choice.


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