Race and school

race   income disparity   maintenance of the revolution

School cannot – is not meant to – address or resolve skin-color and income disparities, no matter what our school systems tell us over and over. You know why I put the two together, seemingly under a discussion of ‘race’; our world… the U.S. et al … is affected by racism. It abets income.

Integral to school structure is racism’s along with income’s service to our Owners’ divide-and-conquer tactic, to which racism and financial differences are central. That’s why so much is made of financially strapped and of Black, brown, native, people getting into college and higher waged jobs. We’re shown ‘it can be done’, even though by only a small number, a teeny percent of students.

As it is, only a small number of students get jobs; fewer get decent jobs, work being so degraded by the capitalist system. If you have a hard time ‘getting’ that, look at Monthly Review Volume 66, Number 5 (October 2014) monthlyreview.org “Beyond the Degradation of Labor: Braverman and the Structure of the U.S. Working Class”. Content has been carefully removed from jobs, reducing to near elimination the need to be creative at work, consigning jobs to repetitive drudgery. …except for a very few people. …for whom the working conditions – pay, hours, surroundings – even a good job quickly becomes oppressive.

Déclassé labor costs less! It’s created by ‘efficiency’ studies and implementation.

The Rich, making enormous profits off our labor regardless the job – they all contribute to our Owners’, The Rich’s wealth – the Rich are VERY happy with the situation, very fulfilled, very content to lose themselves in devising new ways to cheapen labor and increase profit.

If those divisive standards, race and income, were not integral to our society the different niches needing filling wouldn’t be filled. Work would be structured wholly otherwise. As it is, the jobs get filled: janitor, police, person convicted and imprisoned, clerk, teacher, boardroom sycophant or operator, and all the other job labels and statuses. They get filled by people getting through school to whatever level they do, and then by being allowed to enter or not, the work force at the level to which they’ve been destined pretty much from Kindergarten on.

Despite the many words declaring the interest in or effort to ‘educate’ people so ‘their highest potential will be realized’ through the offices of the teachers, the schools, it rarely happens that satisfaction at the job is achieved. Slaving away at the same work for 40 hours a week, year after year becomes less and less pleasant for workers as they repeat the simplified operations that remain of jobs; jobs have been mashed through filters to where there’s little creativity about them. That permits the reduced number of people hired and the low wages, and the rest of the poor working conditions. The job status has to be reduced in order to keep the employees at bay – away from trying to lead a pleasant work life, and a pleasant life overall.

Our Owners go mad! whenever even the effort seems to be being made to alter conditions. THey beat us over the heads one way or another, when we march against THeir profiteering controls. Our disunity is essential to our Owners to maintain control of us. Just like our ‘left’ organizations’ distances between each other, race difference conveniently intercedes between groups of us.

These differences are more and more difficult to resolve as fewer and fewer people are employed; as more and more people are forced into precarious living – into the precarity.

Age segregation too, is a tool to perpetuate these divisions essential to maintaining our Owners’ system. Keeping us apart, people at our different age categories, puts us in place to work our Owners’ jobs. Warehousing children instead of permitting us all our natural tendency, to work together, even to enjoy each others’ company, to be with people we kiss, not to isolate one adult or professional into a classroom of similarly or same aged people regardless of their interests – which the system has no capacity to allow to be determined by the subjects, neither the children nor the adult students, is painful to the people so confined.

On my 18th birthday my Aunt gifted me with ‘A Treasury of Jewish Humor’. The introduction explained to me what it took me decades to apply to my political theory: How do Jews come to laugh? ‘A worm in a horseradish jar learns to laugh’, it said. That’s what our present relations are. With exceptions for the moments of joy and pleasure, which we all search for and create somehow, that is our relationship to our assigned places. Yes, we regularly step away from those places. But the overall arrangement is us filling the required space which in the end is about continuation of our Owners’ benefits.

This is so endemic that even states in socialist communist struggle replicate the imperialist institutions, in particular, school. Theirs though, the countries striving – desperately, as it turns out in this globalized brutality system – their desperate compromises try to leap the hurdle of hunger, inherited with their effort at liberation from slavery while trying to preserve the glorious ideals that led to elimination of their owning class, the eliminated owners of those peoples’ labor and land and laws. The victors’ compromises need support and constant restatement that they are compromises; that the altogether necessary understandings and continued studies of the ideal that advances their cause are integral all the while, to the arduous labor of retaining their revolutions.

This last paragraph is really beyond the understanding of most people, here. What it’s saying is that people in struggle, democratizing, socializing – bringing socialist construction, communizing – bringing communist construction to nations, force undesirable, necessary compromises in this world where capitalism limitlessly fights their efforts – socialists’-communists’ death defying justice struggles. Peoples appear to give up on their original effort and fall into line, into capitalist exchanges. But if they can just retain their discussion and the provision of material benefits to at least a slight degree, let the people keep themselves alive, motivated, informed and aware of their mutual, desired direction, perhaps the efforts for justice will not die.

Compulsory anything is not necessary to advancement of enjoyment of life by all. Apparently, though, it can be compulsory to maintain victories won at such enormous sacrifice by liberations’ victors, to compel obligation to support locales’ revolutions. Liberation requires us to continue and increase the material elements of those wins; us working to devise inviting lives. Providing us all our material necessities is what creates that new person, that readily available person liberated from the shackles of self-persecution, and of the obligation in so many cases, to abuse other people; children, the policed, resisters and people assigned to be underlings, and of course racialized and women.

I’ve always, since I can remember, been tormented at the bent laborer walking along, wearing the masters’ cast-offs – shabby old woolen suit pants and jacket, peaked cap low, ready to be tipped at the lord and lady and mistress of the manor.

I’ve heard anarchists (not all) explain they’re sure that the struggle via socialism communism will only permit continuation of rule by the people put in charge to advance the struggle, the bureaucracy. They call instead for anarchistic struggle, establishment of autonomous zones. [This does not employ the tool to gain the goal of anarchism, whereby we need no government because we become our self-controlled, equitable living.]

We’re so similar, people, that much of what we do now – make food, make living situations, make music, make all manner of care – doctoring, etc. naturally would continue as we build utopia. Some of how we’d do it would be scrapped in favor of a different way, would be corrected as appropriate, a way that is hoped to be more desirable. Other of it would be held up as exemplary, satisfying the full compass of what’s wanted. …until it doesn’t and has to be changed.

This explains the anarchism we’d achieve. We’d reach a point where the enforced structures fade into us just doing what we figure we need and want to do in the ways we want. We’d have been voting on those, building consensus creating structures to enable them, with the intention that, as I’ve described, they’d be evaluated by our process of using those. Necessary modification would become evident. We’d work some out. And again, and again.

These would become our system. There is no need for a hierarchy, an overarching control mechanism, because our working things out would be in our favor; we’d have eradicated care of our Rich. We’d have eradicated the idea that we must care for a superior body.

However, do not for a moment think we could achieve this easy going mutuality without that enforcement. You KNOW we’d have to enforce freedom, liberation, and all, upon us; we’d have to make it illegal to attempt to create or recreate the privilege that can ascribe to bureaucracy. Efforts to recreate pre-revolutionary privilege embattling the force attempting to advance equal justice for all that revolution attempts to establish would have to be prevented by the force of law supported by measured structures to protect revolutionary advance; to prevent counter-revolutionary invasion. In this context it is important to remember that the calls for non-violence simplistically do not acknowledge that the violence against which they caution us is only that done by our masters and their toadies – their police and armies. Local window smashing, burning Owners’ buildings and their garbage containers – those are not equivalent to our Owners’ wars against us, especially their socially caused or self-enacted rape of us; their starvation of us; their un-housing of us, as well as their capture of us to do their soldiering.

As mass commitment to the pleasures of equality become part and parcel of people’s lives, opposition to it fades and support for it grows. It is not genetic – or if it is, we will teach it away – for people to want to limit others’ comfort presuming they, individually, might have more of it.

These are the elements for elimination of skin-color and income disparity; not laws in capitalism. Not the continuous ‘reform’ of school.



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