School is just a convention

It’s done. So we do it. Like war – for human interaction. We’re supposed to war, so we do. Or like cutting children’s crotch-parts. Or like knowing there’s god. All these foolishnesses – customs – customary acts. We don’t survive them well. They are attacks on what ? … Well, you can’t quite say – but maybe on our gentleness, our kindness, our creativity, our commune-ality…

It’s difficult to challenge conventions. It’s difficult to live marginalized, consigned to a strange loneliness. Here I try to do a good thing, tell a truth, to make life more honest, better for us, and I end up out here, defensive, defending that I’m honest, and right, and nice, and yet I’m excluded from the clique, made to find myself strange…

You can tell how bad school is:

The Soviet Union and Cuba revolted against their Owners and installed government directed at letting all people provide well for all people. While there were large numbers of illiterate people, made literate by mass schooling, there were also large numbers of people resisting the compulsory formality that school is, the compulsory sitting at the desk and being assigned lessons. These methods contradict/ed the ideas of liberation and of self empowerment.

We are left with the very difficult effort to envision how learning is to happen without the conventional tutelage – shoving what’s called knowledge down people’s throats – minds.

The thing is, study is not that difficult to accomplish; learning reading and writing happen very quickly in a world where we’re left to take care of ourselves instead of our Masters. When we don’t have to keep at the 8hr a day job we have time to show someone how to write their name and read it, and to read with them over our shoulder – read a good thing over and over, until they’re able to read it themselves. They stumble at a word, we do the phonetic thing with them.

They learn English and spelling doing them, speaking and writing them, being with us as we use them, and instruct at the time it’s wanted.

It can happen.

The elements of living need not be painful.

Now you must imagine – envision – the other way, that’s comfortable, not worrisome, that doesn’t have a possibility of failure hanging over it.

Our work has to be like that too – the work of maintenance and increase of our comfort and pleasure and enjoyment; it has to be not worrisome.

Our living together has to be like that too; us not worried about criminals stalking our streets. People guaranteed, assured comfort, pleasure, success – the success of fitting comfortably into society, of getting enough of stuff of needs and wants – like everyone else – doesn’t act criminally. Try it.

It’s been recommended as a joke – but serious – that ‘we’ give Afghanistan people work to do, called jobs, maintenance, pleasant, reasonable production for their benefit, and we’ll stop the horrors.

You know that’s true.

Mass security would surely undercut warring. Too many people would busy themselves providing it to be able to raise the armies of conquest.

You keep going back to what’s gone on in the past, as though the perverted past is indicative of how this must become, that ‘some people’ would want more than others. Meanwhile, all those others finding there’s no threat of lessening their comfort and security have nothing to gain by taking others’ stuff.

Too they spend time building a nice thing or going to swim or taking a child .. some children… with them someplace.

These all lead to more study, too. They lead to research and invention, and sharing more ideas and preparing plays the community joins in producing and watching, and operas and raps – that we can understand – that is, at a tempo/accent we can understand.

All of us write music and stories and sing and read them – to ourselves and with each other. All of us find remedies for ailments and build the machines we want to live with. All of us – all age children as well as adults. And the questions! and answers and research that goes along with keeping our society in tact. There is no need for privatizing the knowledge to do these. Rich has to end along with the many beginnings of lives that belong to us instead of to THem, the being-enriched onepercent.

Can you work to build this? Can you even SAY this all…? Can you work to claim your life – yours along with your loved ones and their friends and loves claiming our lives together?, out away from conventions of our subjugation.


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