Tutoring – a function of dysfunction, like charity

…the tutoring that is make-up, repairing poor performance by the aid of special assistance …


Our organizing has to be for all people to be allowed to be productive. Everyone knows school is not the place to do that. We tell us all that being a school-age student is productive, making it up in order to force agreement with the separation that’s obvious, but which we’re not permitted to observe to evaluate. We agree to suspend what we see, to pretend we don’t see it. Children at school though, do see and resent the difference. Like the many deceptions telling us of our relation to capital, …telling us that those are ‘our’ jobs, although in fact, those are our Owners’ jobs…people put behind them their lack of choice to do anything about the resistance they feel but can do nothing about, ….yet.

So children’s observance of the difference between themselves and people with jobs is not acknowledged.

Children too, want to be productive members of society, that is, part of making a product or providing a service the community needs and likes.

Age is the very distinguishable factor of the separation between contributor and person who has no standing in the community. To be waiting around to become participant, regardless the role we’re all told children play, – to the point where we’ve come to believe that deception – is not enough for children, …nor for their parents and community. We all want children as well as everyone, to be permitted to work. Equal participation socially eradicates the marginalization that too frequently raises resistance that is unsolvable in the common social delineations. Equal status is how to eliminate behavior unsuitable to the classroom and the community, and to possible eventual criminal behavior; to the confusion caused by the marginalization. If a person is integral in society from the earliest age, they don’t need to resort to being obstreperous. They know they’re needed and respected.

The evidence is in; people who get paid, who are over a certain age, who are hired to, or who devise a job for which they get paid are who are considered productive, having power, freedom, social importance. (That the distinction between these statuses is slight, today, is not particularly evident. Neither the child’s daily activities nor the workers’, the adults’, lets us be powerful, free, socially important.) Both age groups are not allowed to recognize that we don’t work for our own benefit, but for the profiteers’. All we get is to rationalize our living, to find it acceptable, worthy, enabling our family’s survival to one degree or another of comfort and security, whether that’s accurate or not. We need to feel these, though, in order to get up and go to our work or school each day.

For some, yes, pleasurable activities are gotten as well in today’s set-up. For many people, though, what’s called recreation is watching someone else play oboe or ball. Or people recreate watching a movie, dinner out… – stretching the budget…. Recreation by and large is not particularly free-wheeling activity, creative, imaginative and all. It is usually consumerist.

And then as well, there are the many more people who get no recreation, no survival, …

But we’re not talking here about the monster imperialism is, denying more than half of humans the right to provide well for themselves-each other, slaughtering us-them so many ways…

Age segregation enables the warehousing of a large number of the working class, of the army of the unemployed. But full employment – actual full employment, everyone able to participate in production at some work that satisfies an actual social need and personal desire, not only building a bridge or sewing buttons on, and cleaning up leavings (no janitor allowed), but doing arts and sciences, too, one person occupied by doing all needs and wants, requires the socialist structure, requires anti-capitalism. This though, is the advanced stage, where it’s not just competing with capitalism, but letting us all do the variety of meaningful work, having the time to do it meaningfully – the biggest stretch – having time to do the work – teaching each other as we do it; stopping to teach some reading and logarithms.

Children, like us, all want to work. Working is an act we naturally do. It’s what made us the creature we are. You have to relieve yourself of the idea that much of the work we do – activity for which we get paid, by which we sustain ourselves/family, in the conditions we do it: content of it, time spent at it, – relieve yourself of the idea it’s necessary. It’s certainly located in unacceptable conditions; particularly too many hours a week at activities that have nothing to do with a meaningful life.

The fact that ‘the job’ is an altogether off-putting circumstance, even when it’s work we want done or to do, is part of allocating it only to people made into adults, as though it’s acceptable for work, the job, to be unappealing, distasteful, dangerous, insulting, done in unsatisfactory conditions; too many hours away from additional, desirable activities we want to do but don’t have time to do, the 8 hour day being the wrong requirement, unnecessary. Adults, we’re made to think, are able to (think required to) withstand the discomfort, the contention that allows not permitting children to work.

Where people want to do that job many hours a day… week, fine, as long as they are allowed to participate as well in clean-up, community maintenance, supportive involvement among the community, that cares for personal as well as community necessities and desires. As long as the person is part of taking care of themselves… no toil where one reposes, us not making profit for our Owners, then the number of hours at the job is altogether by choice. Worker gets to relate to necessity as they like, in community with others who do, as well.

If a job site needs many hours of attention, many people are available to provide that attention. No one needs to be harnessed excessively to the job. There are plenty of people to do it so it doesn’t need to be oppressive to do.

Children want and need to be integrated with adults, as they too, old and young, choose.

Living promotes questioning – study, answering – teaching, learning. Education happens on site. Education is delicious. We love to do it, be it… Where necessary, a ‘classroom’ arises. People use it together.

Compulsory schooling is long despised, thwarting the great anticipation to ‘get an education’. The actual getting in the profit system is altogether uncomfortable in numerous ways. Having to get an education says that our living is not education. What we knew outside of the classroom is not education.

Consider that if the available labor force – all people regardless of age and of most physical/mental conditions – were permitted to ‘work’, to participate in production alongside each other as appropriate – as desired and structurally able, a 4 hour work WEEK would overproduce what we need and like, said in 1948 – and likely many other times, by Paul and Percival Goodman in “Communitas”, their book on city planning, a deLIGHT!! Learning/teaching needs to be an on-site occurrence. We need to be able to enjoy our lives, not slave away only waiting to find moments of pleasure – too often accompanied by enhancing drugs/alcohol as though to make that release happen, make happen what we compromise ourselves to accept as pleasure even when it’s not, and not an event related to our fulfillment.

Work is what made us human so many millennia ago. And we like it – done for good reason, in good conditions.

And we are all teachers and students all our lives, alienated from that natural intention by the requirements of the profit system.

You do know how that works, right – Owners paying just so much for labor, taking the rest in profit…?, keeping us at the machine excessive numbers of hours…? requiring workers to limit, to reduce dealings with each other at the job site as well as outside it. As well, cutting off possibilities of providing benefits to workers: health care, pensions, good working conditions.

Tutoring is because of what the getting-ahead system requires. The leaving behind system shorts school, community, the family, with not enough money and time to find individual satisfaction wherein learning sufficiently happens.

Were the studies to happen because the questions and skills and knowledge arise on site, there’d be no need for make-up studies. More studies as desired would happen. We, being both teacher and student, would make them happen. Needing to become able to write something down?, we’d teach it, there and then – and again. It’s easier to learn when it’s related to real activities, not classroom lessons. It’s also easier to teach it – of greater interest to the teacher, as well; doing work we’re asked to do by involved people instead of telling people what they must study in order to pass the test, or just in order to go through the class, makes study tedious for both student and teacher.

And yes, for 2 year olds, too – to learn reading and writing as and when they will because it relates to the work they’re doing – the play.

2 year olds saying questions that cause discussion, research, sitting together at desks to see about the question/s.

Tutoring then is the other name for the study we do – together. That takes it from the extra-curricular, integrates it into just living.

How tutoring – make-up study – is like charity is that the long hated slave-system, our social system, wrongly disallows us our human interactions. We are not to have time in the profit system to enjoy our lives, our education. Just as we weren’t allowed the time to enjoy the study in the early schooling classroom, similarly, we are disallowed from caring for each other and ourselves as part of our daily living. So we need people to volunteer outside of the activities to which we are assigned – or which we assign ourselves. Children – or any of us – need to give up play-time to catch up so to ‘get ahead’, as the capitalist system requires. …because we weren’t allowed the time to complete the study, to learn the dance or the song or the intricate shop maneuver in the rush to meet the boss’s time schedule. Charity must be given because we’re not allowed to provide well for ourselves-us all, so we have to get someone to volunteer to provide what we instead should have been able to give ourselves as a matter of how our society is constructed.

Maintaining worker status – and separation – by assigning janitoring to the lowest paid – along with child-care, funnily enough – the lowest paid place…what does that tell us about our babies…? They’re the incubating worker is all. They’re not our joy. The joy becomes a miserable task, taken from the parents and family, made unwanted, tedious, repetitive, isolating the caregiver and the child; janitoring the child, the baby.


Age segregation is painful, heart rending.

Tutoring and charity have no place in the pleasant social structure. Care and study and work that we all do for all of us, none sent off to lower status, or separated in order to ‘get ahead’ – these that belong to us are consistently stolen from us in the profit system. http://unionsong.com/u159.html



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