To know we can demand it all – it’s all ours

Earth with us is the source of all with which we live. Our intention is to laugh and enjoy it all – to enjoy the work and play that comes with being on this beautiful world – to live as well as The Rich, in care of Earth.
There is talk of The Poor, as though that’s genetic. We know it’s not.
We know that the colonialist structures which cast our lives create the strata – from rich, to well-off, to hard-working because we have a job but don’t get paid enough and the job is not nice, to too poor, to outside the system altogether.
While it’s virtually genetic to be Rich, the other strata are generally malleable.
(This does not directly address people who need care and rehabilitation and a place whereby they participate, like the accommodation Cuba makes to people who can’t because of actual physical limitations, including mental, control their own lives. We look forward to building integrated institutions that provide warm accommodations to such incapacitated people. People too, are often abused into incapacity to care for themselves, created by this brutal system that starves people’s minds or bodies of needed care of one kind or another.)
We want all people to know we all deserve and can give us all pleasant lives unto our children’s children – forever, absent the profiteers; no profit, no competition, just us to make what we need and want and like and use it together.
These are often considered preposterous objectives. Clearly, my point is that only by getting us all to realize we can do these for us all, will we overcome the eons of oppressions, including self-oppression, submission to Ruling Class mentality.
One major lie we’ve been taught by the capitalists – the owners of the means of production and distribution – the tiny fractional number of people – is that communism/socialism are not fun. The successes and victories won and enjoyed by the millions who achieved it found it relieved them of brutal burdens of poverty and allowed them to build institutions by which they could enjoy life. It’s too bad that our texts and media and governmental sources obfuscate that information.
Not knowing these prevents us from pursuing those formations by which we can continue the effort to wrest the profiteering and power-mongering from the present, long-lived brutal structures under which we live, and bring power to us. Trying to work these out seems to have grown more complicated as we’ve wondered how and tried to do it. But we could work it out. We need only the understanding that Earth can provide for us all without being further destroyed; that we can do these for us all; that we can work out how.
The cause of the failures of the preceding attempts has always been the invasive force of The Rulers, the capitalist owners and their armies and insurgencies. These are difficult forces to counter – but not impossible. Foremost is our agreement that we can give us all. Then we can build the struggle to work out our processes to do so.
Integral to our objective is the release from drudgery; play, ease, relaxation, enjoyment of each other, of playing music – of us doing pleasant things – not just fitting in to the terribly constrained lives permitted by the profiteering world – these are roots of our goals.
L.A.U.G.H. O.E. Let’s all unite to gain heaven on Earth.


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