So much of the argument for the right to teach, for the obligation by the public and by school authorities to respect and protect the teacher is about keeping the job – the teaching job.
I wholly support people’s right to formulate processes that enable ALL people to enjoy enormously pleasant survival, to provide us public services so we all enjoy life fully, securely, unto our children’s children. If you’ve read some of what I’ve written here you’ve seen that I’ve repeated opposition to ‘the job’, the relation of labor to capital.
This requires we create pleasant ways to take care of us all, of Earth and all. This requires we create the methods that are almost entirely opposite the present ways, which are the ways that provide that a large cut of our labor, of the profit the system creates, goes to our Owners, The Rich, The Ruling Class, The Electing Class. I know you oppose that. I know you understand that you are not one of that class of people, so you don’t defend the capitalist structure.
Therefore you have questions about care of including respect for ‘the teacher’.
You can describe transitional processes – how we shall all participate in the growth of the system of care that is gentle, pleasant for us all including for Earth. These are likely the greatest challenge – coming out of the system we live under, to the altogether other system – that we like.
Meantime, see that we will not have ‘teachers’ for compulsory ‘education’. Again, we are all teachers …and students … all our lives. We all will come to be able to respect us all and care well for us all. We all will take up some work throughout our days and lives that fit our skills and tastes and abilities, all of which will change all our lives as we take on different tasks, – not so much task as in onerous, but things to do around us – or far away, that we see need doing, or that we decide to do.
Or we’d choose to sit around, or walk, or play the piano…
Or someone might have asked to learn to read music and play the piano and you’re going to help them.
Or you’ve been someplace – outside chatting with a passerby, maybe – and you’ve asked if someone wants you to teach them how to play the piano, or read music, or read a book; you’ve said listen to this – and you read something from the book you’ve been reading. And someone says they want to become able to read it. And you take on teaching them to read – which takes maybe two weeks, or no more than two months. Reading is easy to learn. Writing is a bit more complicated to become able to do. But it too, takes little time to become able to do it. Research in a tech lab, or biology lab – those would get done by someone who’s been among that kind of activity on and off almost all their life – or interested since yesterday. Someone who’s developed a question that needs that ability – to do that research – now is coming around and spending so much time in the lab, so they can ask us the questions and we can work to answer them, and this person can begin to learn the complicated, in depth studies and techniques to be able to research that question.
And endless variations of this process of teaching and studying and cleaning up after oneself, and doctoring, and sewing and … all, and not being stuck inside at a job or at a desk in 4th grade when it’s spring and all of me feels like a wound spring needing to get out into it.
The line in the newspaper comment, passionately written by a person who has been titled teacher for 30 years, and explains her worth and that she merits job security as well as admiration and respect, is “Public schools serve the public”. It’s accurate, as I’ve acknowledged elsewhere in these writings, that teachers convey a body of knowledge. They provide child care so the care-giver – parent or other such status – can go to their job. They provide various child care needs – depending on the conditions – the age of the child; the availability of toilet training, or toileting, of getting meals, of writing spelling papers, of doing whatever personal care this teacher might be obligated to make available for the student, and the lessons, of course. So this teacher is serving the public. But the schooling serves the job system. It prepares people to fit in to fill the positions our Owners find need doing for THeir profiting.
There are many people who don’t utilize all the schooling available, who don’t complete all the grades offered.
That offering, called ‘higher’ education becomes the burdensome borrow at grade 13 for most students. While there has not been borrowing directly in order for a child to go to school for 13 years – Kindergarten through grade 12 – as enormously expensive as that is, the student’s upkeep being maintained as well as possible by that jobbed care-giver/parent, at grade 13, college, or other training has abominable unmanageable costs that must be borrowed. It is scarce to get that renowned schooling, getting together with people impelled to think and talk about ideas, to research them – processes that should have been part of the Kindergartners’ experiences – and the 1st and 10th grade students and all’s, to write about them, to enjoy what goes on in each others’ minds. This pleasure is largely reserved for a few well endowed financially students and their instructors. The venerated atmosphere rarely exists…the touted one of adding to one’s taste for knowledge. What’s pushed it away is becoming able to pay back the loan, and to fill a position available, if one is lucky, that will help do that, some job, through an additionally enslaving process wrenchingly slowly to pay back the loans, while profiting one or another of the people at the top – certainly not to do work beneficial to society at large; that job doesn’t pay – or pay well enough.
Can you think of ‘the teacher’ blending in to the system that doesn’t need teachers. It still needs people to do the work mechanical engineers do, and people handling distribution of our materials – food, and metals, and concrete. Constant work is here to be done to enhance and enjoy our living – together – no age segregation. So we’re all always teaching and learning while we’re making and fixing and all the whatever we do – as did the people 10,000 years ago – without getting paid to do what they did. And they did much. I’m sure to some degree they enjoyed what they did. Certainly they made music and danced. Certainly they began the base that became writing the great literature; they made words and stories, and nobody paid them.
They got food, and a place to sleep, and people they felt dearly about, and people they didn’t like – how ever that went…
And so can we.
Likely we can reduce the negative human contacts, because we’ll have figured out the so many ways to provide us all with plenty, and leave no one without that. Animosity does not rise when there’s no deprivation, and the accompanying degradation and humiliation.
Here we’d have all work equal to all work. Comfort and pleasure for ALL by elimination of our Owners.


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