My mistake – about ‘common core’

You can see I’ve assumed it is an imposition of standardized courses – history, science, arithmetic/math, and all, upon the subject group, the community, which is to submit to ‘school’, there to be ‘educated’ (because the students don’t know stuff – and need to be told by this much-confused system – which is constantly trying to find the way to stuff students with bodies of ideas. [see constant school reform].  The students resist.  So do their folks – their parents; their communities.  School is not nice.  Everybody gets that; students, parents, the community…)
But ‘common core’ is not a collected body of ideas as I’ve written in my article On Common Core Curriculum, here.  It is not per se curricula of facts, information, ideas, skills, et al, the impression I had when I wrote here, about what I thought it is.   It IS another device for opening up the student – kind of like a surgery performed to arrange a receptacle for the content to be shoved into; to make the student available to the education to be injected into him/her.  It has every appearance of a carefully worked out device for just how to access the student, keep them coming back – not ‘truant’-ing,  making them available to the process, making them able to absorb what they need in order to fit the system – this brutal system that skirts actual education, reaching over tangentially to tap it now and then in order to keep it advancing all the while against good human tendencies.
School is mind control of us all, particularly of dear young people.
We must speak to them as though they’re mentally limited, in content spoken in tones like the ones we often resort to when talking to our doggies and kitties – super sweet, a bit high pitched, the ookum snookum language and tone we kind of rarely use at infants any more, knowing that tweetie sweetie sound is heard by the child, who is being thus approached as incapable of understanding, knowing, and participating as an equal, – a 5year old equal, but an equal.  So we’ve learned to  use that tone rarely or not at all; which is pretty much ok, I think.
It’d be interesting to find which income brackets find it good and which don’t.  There’s a real split about it in the U.S. and farther.  …incomes, and geographic/demographic brackets …   Maybe I’ll be able to ad that datum; maybe that study’s been done, or is being done.  If you see it, do let me know.
But common core is method – the one that’s always being tried, always not succeeding; not content.


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