People create jobs for themselves by publishing the performance data they collect

Authorities are made by doing a research and getting it published. The writer gets a job – teaching, say, or some other job related to the publication. The published writing becomes to one degree or another, the authorized thinking on the topic.

In the case of creating people’s place in society, published materials arrange the structures we live in. Obviously I’m speaking in general here. These guarantees are not always, everywhere. But they are dominant in this arrangement where works affirming our Owners’ structures gain support; grants, work positions – teaching, or other positions. These pat the authority on the back and provide them the opportunity to carry out functions that maintain the status quo.

(In particular, people who write on ‘economics’ in ways that support capitalism get Nobel prizes! They separate ‘economics instead of as part of our lives, as separated from the totality. The word needs to reflect the wholly trinity, socialpoliticaleconomic. If any of us doesn’t have bread that is a result of what each of those parts of the word do to us social-political-economic. Economy is not a separate, self going part of life. It, like the social and political elements is produced by us, by people.)

So we’re told that 3 year olds, or 7yr olds, 16- , 40- 90 year olds do this’r’that. These observations fit ideas researchers want to substantiate. Their study produces a configuration that gets social respect and status for them.

It is a preposterous notion that anything but exceptions, except for the widest of generalizations, can honestly characterize us except to fit us into the niches the present structure needs us to fill. Doing this builds out the position the researcher wants to get, some recognized role in society.

Sad to say, sort of, doctors have become factory-line workers. Teachers at all levels have become temporary employees, fewer and fewer with guaranteed positions; let alone that teachers are forced out of the job because it’s horrendous. …and because the degradation of the teaching job includes its – like other jobs – replacement by robotic machinery.

The old secure positions that have been customary in capitalism, are fading more and more rapidly. It’s called degredation, carefully contrived so workers get less and less pay, less and less security, and are more and more bound in bondage if left at a job at all. Replacement by machinery takes jobs, too.

People who write philosophies of economics, that peculiar behavior that tells us what we do – what work we do, what shopping or selling, naming us consumers instead of human beings; those people are well rewarded. People who detail who benefits from this arrangement and by what mechanism, the profit-system, capitalism, go unrecognized, while the analysts who present capitalism as a structure that is independent of our control, that is just natural, like a tree growing, get prizes.

As well, the world is made to believe that the profit system equals democracy. Please cry when you see that. It’s fundamental to our oppression that we are to think this.

These all lead to our self deprecation, a vital tool to sapping worker strength. Not only do we depreciate ourselves. But we look on our neighbors, and they on us, as less worthwhile as well. Maintaining a strong working force counters capitalism’s mechanism essential to profit; labor must cost less and less in order for profit to hold and to continue to rise – the necessary goal of capitalism. Stasis in business means the Owner is losing power and control – can’t have that! Literally! The business Owner must constantly maintain their ascendance in order to ward off being ousted off the ladder – the chessboard – the playing field.

The researcher who finds over and over that the renowned profiteer is so brilliant at their effort, gets the rewards this system provides the go-alongs, …the outstanding go-alongs, the collaborators.


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